Sustainability in our hotel

We work very hard, so that in 2020 we will be in a position as leader in the hotel business in the corridor of the Atlantic coast of Honduras, being recognized for the quality of the service provided and the commitment to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients, always under strict criteria of profitability, transparency, protection of the environment and social responsibility.
(Currently in practice)

Sustainable development:

  • Energy saving system in the rooms
  • Keys with RFID system in the rooms
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans in the rooms.
  • Facilities for the Disabled
  • LED lighting in most of the building.
  • Application of water saving strategies.
  • The common areas and rooms have solar daylight input to save energy.
  • The ventilation is natural in the corridors of the hotel
  • The use of recycled materials.
  • Reduction of waste.
  • The use of NON-HARMFUL materials with the environment.
  • Reduction of the use of detergents and chemical products.
  • Create awareness among staff and customers.
  • Corporate social responsibility.